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React Native

React Native is a mobile framework developed and maintained by Facebook. It is a hybrid mobile application development framework. That means with a single codebase you get to deploy mobile applications for both android and iOS. In addition, React Native lets you create truly native apps and doesn't compromise on user's experience. It is one of the fast-growing frameworks as it offers a better user experience, less development time that leads to fast production and improved ROI.

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Characteristics of React Native

Open Source

The framework is available for free, therefore developers have the leverage of implementing its libraries and using them in APIs without any operability issues.

Fast Development Process

The codes can be reused multiple times, hence the app development process is fast.


Developers use the same code for the deployment of both iOS and Android. This results in saving time and cost of the business.

Live Updates

The use of React Native discards the requirement of "App Store update" approval. Instead, it performs live updates.

Fast Refresh

With the power of JavaScript, developers can perform fast iterations using the React Native framework. Developers can see their initiated changes in the app in real-time.


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