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Parth Infotech established in 2000, It delivers a full spectrum of high quality products. Throughout its history, It has helped to redefine itself by delivering segmented product lines targeted to specific groups of computer enthusiasts, including the youth market, computer programmers and web developers. In tailoring its product lines to these specific consumer groups, It has built substantial brand equity and established meaningful relationships with dealers, customers. It supports its dealers, customers with walk in technical support, 1 year free of cost support and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Parth Infotech is a first gen IT company located in India providing offshore IT outsourcing solutions to businesses across the globe. Parth Infotech provides enterprise solutions, Custom software that include software solutions, web solutions, mobile application solutions, Internet marketing and a whole gamut of IT solutions and products to clients. Leveraging the innate offshore value advantage of our development centers in India, we provide customized, scalable and cost effective solutions to businesses.

We recognize that the clients program success is dependent upon building and delivering a scalable technical solution, effective and proactive communication, and commitment by the entire team to deliver desired results. PI has extensive experience integrating apps with most major relational database management systems, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, and PostgreSQL. We focus on cloud, web/internet and mobility integrated solutions. We are both an Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Authorized Partner®. We are also a member of the Microsoft Partner Network® and offer significant experience in SharePoint development and administration, Dynamics CRM® and Azure cloud solutions .For Content Management Systems development we specialize in Microsoft DNN, .NetCore, ASP.net, Angular which was the programming language for BDS, MPKV, RKVYCMS. For most government systems we follow a hybrid approach of Agile/SCRUM and waterfall methodologies.

Pankaj Baviskar


M.Tech Agril. Engg.

Pankaj P Baviskar (CEO)

Pankaj Baviskar is an entrepreneur, accomplished business leader, an advocate of small business enterprise. His dedication and commitment to his work and his family are evident in how he provides exceptional customer service to his clients while nurturing the professional and personal needs of his employees. These qualities, combined with his knowledge, skills, and abilities, have proved to be a successful combination and enable Mr. Baviskar to succeed as a business owner a first-gen entrepreneur.

Mr. Baviskar is a postgraduate from the MPKV. Right after completing the MTech, just like everyone else, Mr. Baviskar needed to find a job. So, Mr. Baviskar worked for Nagarjuna fertilizers for a short period of seven months. However, Mr. Baviskar always had a passion for integrating information technology with agriculture technology. A job at Nagarjuna was not going to fulfill that passion. So, Mr. Baviskar decided to move on and begin his journey of entrepreneurship. He founded Parth Infotech, Parth Agrotech, in August2000 with an intent to provide management consulting and information technology services to Commercial and Government customers. Today, Parth Infotech is a growing brand and is well recognized by their customers like MPKV, DRDO,SAI, USA-based Pn Automation, Centene Corporation, and more.

Over the past several years, Mr. Baviskar has worked hard toward fulfilling his passion of marrying IT with Agriculture technology. The results are astonishing. Parth Infotech is now building automated weather stations and pump controllers in agri automation and in home automation.

Passion comes with a price tag and few setbacks. However, Mr. Baviskar always pushed forward to fulfill his passion. He still works hard to learn, improvise, adapt and repeat.

Passion comes with a price tag and few setbacks. However, Mr. Baviskar always pushed forward to fulfill his passion. He still works hard to learn, improvise, adapt and repeat.

Being a part of a technology company, Mr. Baviskar still takes pride in saying that he still has a thing for programming/coding using various programming languages using various databases and other architecture components.

Mr. Baviskar did not just stop there. He founded Parth Agrotech to focus on agriculture-based services. Additionally, Mr. Baviskar and two partners founded Morya Enterprises, a poultry vertical. Parth Agrotech was established to provide Indian Gooseberry (Amla) and Turmeric Processing. He began the business to ensure that promises made to customers were honored. He bases his business acumen around the Sanskrit Quote which, simply stated, is: "न कालमितवते महाषुकमसु।" (Great people never delay their duties) He believes that services delivered with this concept in mind, will always result in success.

Pankaj Baviskar focuses on setting the company's perception and tone while skillfully laying the groundwork to foster the continued economic well-being of the company. He works to ensure that employees understand the company's vision, direction, and goals.

Parth Infotech has the potential to alter the combination of labour, capital and land in agricultural production, and it can bring about changes in agricultural productivity and output.Parth Infotech represents a type of technological innovation with the potential to bring about improved agricultural techniques and practices for increased agricultural productivity and output.

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