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Smart Water Dispenser

On a daily basis we purchase drinking water cans from the local grocery store and it is quite often that we do not realize that the water level is low and we need to order the new can until all the water is finished, In most cases the grocery store do not deliver the new can for at least 3 to 4 hours so during this time you are out of drinking water.

To avoid this situation we have designed a Smart Water Dispenser that can monitor the level of available drinking water and can provide alerts on the mobile app for ordering the new can, going further this smart water dispenser can also place the order for new can automatically.

Following are some key features of Smart Water Dispenser:

1. Water Level is monitored automatically using level sensor and data is sent to online server with predefined intervals

2. Inbuilt compact rechargeable lithium-ion battery

3. It tracks water uses in real time

4. Rugged design ensures its durability

5. If the water can is about to empty (thresholds can be set such as 5-10% of gas weight), then automatically notification for a new water can booking can be triggered over a cloud network by logging into the can service provider website or via automated call

6. The system is flexible enough to bring it to the notice of a user using a Mobile App and via this Mobile App the user can trigger the booking of a fresh water can.


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