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Multi Plot Motor Controller

Multi Plot Motor Controller is designed to fulfil the needs of large agriculture field where more than one crop is cultivated at a time.
This is a Smart IoT Enabled controller that can auto calculate the irrigation interval and can take decisions to switch ON and switch OFF the motor based on the crop type, soil type and weather parameters using ETR.
Weather parameters can be fetched from any open source weather service such as open weather or there is an option to fetch weather data from the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) installed at the farm.
Farmer has the option to override this auto calculated irrigation time from the mobile application.

It inherits all the features of Single plot Motor Controller. In addition, it has the following Features:

1.    It controls the timing of multiple solenoid valves remotely

2.   Support wireless communication between main motor controller and valves

3.   Uses LoRa based wireless communication protocol

4.   Support distance up to 15 km in open field

5.   Each solenoid valve communication runs at 868 MHz frequency (ISM band)

6.   Inbuilt 5DB high gain antenna for high sensitivity

7.   Solenoid controllers will have inbuilt 12 Volt battery

8.  Optional solar panel with charge controller can be integrated in wireless valves

9.  LED indication for power as well as valves open/close

10.   IP65 ABS enclosures ensures protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material


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