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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (formerly called Personal Home Page), which is the most marketable scripting language on the web, basically used for improving web applications. One can create credentials, perform detailed checking of forms, design forums, create surveys and a lot more creative stuff. Let us find out more about PHP.

PHP is an HTML-embedded, server-side scripting language designed for web development, also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP allows web developers to design dynamically generated pages quickly. The scripts are mainly executed on the server, and the code is organized by the PHP programmers.


  • Application Development for Smart TV & Wearables
    This programming language is developed with built-in web development proficiencies. The file mainly includes texts, HTML tags and scripts with a file extension of .php, .php3, or phtml.
  • Application Development for Smart TV & Wearables
    By using the script tags, PHP codes can be seamlessly embedded into the HTML code by programmers.
  • Application Development for Smart TV & Wearables
    In the majority, the frameworks in PHP are open source which means they can be used without any payment fees. Some frameworks are full-stack web frameworks whereas others are the microframeworks.
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Open Source Saves Budget

Since PHP is open-source and is distributed under General Public License, therefore it requires no download or licensing fees. Continuous upgradations are there in the functionality, resources, and facilities. The developers have the option to select from several open source web frameworks for PHP. It speeds up the custom web application development without increasing the budget of the project.

Easy Maintenance

PHP frameworks are simple, fast, and easy to understand by the programmers. These frameworks can modify the web app development and maintenance process by supporting model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. It stores the app’s UI and business logic layers separately.

Fast Development Process

PHP is a partly object-oriented language. The liberty of reusing the codes saves time and effort in the development process. Each PHP framework carries its own functionality that offers fast and secure development in specific fields.

PHP Frameworks

PHP framework includes continuous testing, reviewing and validation by developers. It is slightly easy for the developers to protect the website from existing and fatal security threats as the framework provides advanced built-in features.


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It can manage complicated web apps safely, easily and quickly as compared to other frameworks. It makes the development process quite easy by smoothing out tasks like routing, sessions, caching and verification processes.


With features like MVC architecture, advanced error handling, inbuilt security tools, and simple documentation Codelgniter is an effective PHP framework used for developing dynamic websites. Developers prefer this framework because of its high performance, speed, and flexibility.

Zend Framework

This framework is referred to as the "The PHP Company" because of its massive followers and active user base. It mainly focuses on web 2.0 styled apps. Zend is a fully object-oriented framework, highly customizable, enriched with MVC components, built with easy cloud APIs, data encryption and effective session management.


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