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Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. It has dominated the programming landscape for more than two decades. Oracle Corporation, the current owner of the language, reveals that over 9 billions applications are running on Java across the globe.

Java was released in 1995 by Sun microsystems for internet programming having platform independency and security as its main features. In 1998, its second release was launched by the name Java 2 which enabled server side programming in the language.

Over the time, enterprise application capabilities were added to it and frameworks such as Struts, Spring and Hibernate were introduced by third party vendors making it the default language of enterprise applications development.

When Android was launched by Google in 2008, large scale mobile apps development started in Java. In January 2010, Oracle corporation acquired sun microsystems and became the owner of Java.

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Characteristics of Java

Platform Independency

One of the USP of Java is platform independency which means that java applications are not dependent on any platform (operating system or processor). It has its own platform which is known as Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM is available for all operating systems and hardware i.e. one can execute java applications on all platforms without making any modifications to them.


Java was designed to be secure from the group up. It provides the concept of security policies which are environment specific authorization rules. These rules are checked by the JVM before executing instructions i.e. only those instructions are executed which are authorized on the platform.


Java is robust i.e it has built-in error handling mechanism. Java applications can gracefully manage runtime errors and continue the execution using the predefined alternative course of action.


Java is multi-threaded i.e. it provides the facility of concurrent processing. This facility is a must for web and enterprise applications which receives concurrent requests from their users.

Rich eco-system of frameworks and libraries

Java has a rich eco-system of frameworks and libraries. This eco-system makes it an attractive option for application developers. Just name the type of application you plan to build, Web application, enterprise application, mobile app, blockchain application, IOT product, machine learning or any other, Java has more than one open-source frameworks and libraries available for that.


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