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Ionic is an open-source SDK that provides UI toolbox for improving performance, building high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is a hybrid app development framework for generating interactive apps and cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Application Development for Smart TV & Wearables
    Ionic apps are built using web components that allow faster UI app development process.
  • Application Development for Smart TV & Wearables
    The main focus is on creating a better User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of an app. Developers find the ionic framework easy to learn and easy to integrate with other frameworks.
  • Application Development for Smart TV & Wearables
    In Ionic apps, there is a Cordova/Capacitor plugin that includes features like battery, camera, access to logs, location, etc. This plugin is highly preferable by the developers as it increases the overall performance of the apps.

Why Ionic?

Developers find it quite challenging to develop native applications. For writing the same functionality over multiple platforms (Windows, Android, and iOS), an app requires different programming languages. Along with good knowledge of multiple languages/tools, it does require the extra time of developers in recording the same logic. The process is repeated for every update or minor change in the apps resulting in time, skills and money consuming process. To overcome this issue, the Ionic framework came to the picture. It provides a single codebase to perform operations on different platforms as well as app development is an easy and time-effective way.

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Ionic Characteristics

Ability to Develop Cross-Platform Applications

Ionic app development is a single time building process. The ionic apps have inbuilt native functionality that helps in running the app on multiple devices and operating systems.

Cost Effectiveness

A cross-platform mobile app developed in the ionic framework can be deployed across multiple platforms ( iOS, Android and Windows devices). This reduces the expenses of developing the apps separately for different devices lowering the additional costs.

Powered by AngularJS

Ionic is compatible with AngularJS that makes the app development process fast.

Fascinating User Interface

Ionic offers amazing customized options for buttons, menus, color, navigation tabs, sliding menu, form inputs, pop-ups and multiple language support that gives beautiful and interactive user interfaces in a remarkably short span of time.


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