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We are working with API from years and with masters and updated experts. Application Programming Interface (API) is a method by which a software vendor gives access to other parties to their code or data in a controlled, standardized manner.

It won’t allow those parties to make changes to the program’s code base but will act as surface layer that permits the use its unique functionality or data.

APIs have enabled systems like Salesforce and other software vendors to popularize their services and make it easy for 3rd party software developers to build solutions that seamlessly incorporate key functionality, protocols or data from them.

What is brilliant about APIs is that they enable software creators to build a solution once and then simultaneously reuse it as many times as necessary and in as many places as necessary. This means several things.

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Only one code base to work with and maintain and managing multiple components can be done with precision and minimal effort.


APIs it’s significantly easier to establish. Also to enforce specific security protocols instead of opening a database to 3rd parties.


Smaller number of specialist and technical resources are needed to build, maintain and improve an API-based solution.


Very small impact to access data or functionality, because APIs can be cached and access throttled and authorized according to specific rules. REST APIs also allows vendors to build dynamic applications while using the same connection.


Same features, details and availability will be offered to all parties who use the API, without interruptions.


access and usage policies can be defined based on an unlimited number of constraints.


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