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Single Plot Motor Controller

This is a Smart IoT Enabled controller that can auto calculate the irrigation interval and can take decisions to switch ON and switch OFF the motor based on the crop type, soil type and weather parameters using ETR.
Weather parameters can be fetched from any open source weather service such as open weather or there is an option to fetch weather data from the Automatic Weather Station (AWS) installed at the farm.
Farmer has the option to override this auto calculated irrigation time from the mobile application.

Following are the key features of this motor controller;

1.      Compatible with 3 phase and single phase pump motors

2.      Can control pump motor up to 10HP

3.      Over voltage and Under voltage protection

4.      Protection from phase fluctuations

5.      Dry run protection

6.      Inbuilt GSM/GPRS engine for cloud connectivity

7.      Handles power cut failures

8.      Controlled via mobile application

9.      Inbuilt LCD for timing and other information display

10.   IP65 metallic enclosure sensors protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material

Pump motor controller is a device used to control pump motor. This device is usually different from traditional motor controller in many ways. This motor controller can be control by using mobile application installed on the farmer mobile phone. The android mobile application automatically calculates the water uses called irrigation time. This irrigation time can be sent to motor controller. This motor controller switch on the connected motor for irrigation time interval. This smart device has some additional features like dry run protection, power fluctuation protection etc.  

·        This motor controller is suitable for single phase as well as three phase pump motors.

·        It is operated via DOL starter connected in between pump motor and this device.

·        It efficiently makes sure the water is used as needed. It also ensures optimum electricity uses.

·        The mobile application uses a highly efficient algorithm to calculate irrigation time. On top of that the farmer can also edit this time hence provide full flexibility.

·        The dry run protection is achieved using current sensor connected in one of the motor outgoing wire.

·        Phase protection device is connected to the three-phase supply to ensure power failure protection.

Features of Single-plot motor controller

·        Microcontroller based very precise design.

·        Support up to clock speed of 16MHz.

·        Bootup time is less than 12sec.

·         3ø - 3 wire input.

·        Monitors Phase sequence, Phase missing.

·        LED indication: Relay ON.

·        4G, 3G,2G universal SIM type support including BSNL.

·        Wi-Fiprotocol - IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

·        Communication System - LTE/DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM.

·        Speed FDDLTE Cat4: 150/50 Mbps @20 M BW HSPA+ 42/5.76, 21/5.76 Mbps HSPA: 14/5.76,7.2/5.76 Mbps.

·        External Antenna Interface-TS-5 of 2dB and 50ohm impedance.

·        Receive Diversity- All the LTE and 3G bands.

·        Dry run protection through motor current sensing up to 100 amperes.

·        MeetUL94-V0 flame retardant properties.

·        Switchingangle 180 degree for non-invasive current transformer.

·        Non-linearity±3%(10%-120% rated input current)

·        Frequency50 Hz to 150KHz.

·        Indicator LED for Power, Motor status, Network status, Fault and dry run.

·        IP-65 protection for enclosure.

·        External panel screw connector for external devices like motor sensor and DOL starter.

·        Irrigatio ntime and time remaining display on 20*4 alphanumeric LCD.

·        Direct android mobile application connectivity support.


 Operation of single plot motor controller 


  1. Place     any SIM card with activated internet pack in to the SIM card slot     provided in the control panel.
  2. Make sure     the external antenna should be put in vertical direction and as far as     possible from any sharp metallic object and the power source/control panel.
  3. Connect three phase power supply to L1, L2,     L3, N, E labelled motor controller connector.
  4. Connect DOL starter to 1, 2, 3     labelled motor controller connector.
  5. Connect sensor to -S and S labelled     motor controller connector.
  6. The clamp side of sensor should be     put across any one of the three wire of motor controller.
  7. Please make sure all terminal     connectors are tightly connected.
  8. Switch on the power supply of control     panel.
  9. Wait for network status LED to turn     ON.
  10. Open android application and send the     irrigation time to motor controller.
  11. The irrigation time should be immediately     display on the LCD of motor controller.
  12. The motor status indicator LED should     be turn ON and at this time the pump motor starts running.
  13. If there is no water in the well (water     source), the motor stops running and hence it saves electricity and motor     damage.
  14. The DRY RUN protection LED status turn     ON.
  15. If power cut is found in between     operation then immediately after power on, the remaining irrigation time     will be executed by the motor controller.



·        Portable and easily installable.

·        Its IP65grade enclosure is suitable for harsh environmental condition.

·        Motor controller designed with quality components promises longer life cycle of the implement.

·        Itensures faster operation and completes function in less time reducing electricity consumption and water uses.

·        The pump motor can be controlled using this mechanism from any remote places hence no distance restriction.

·         All components of motor controller consumevery less power hence contribute towards the power saving.

·        Inbuilt mechanism for dry run protection and power failure protection.

General Instructions

Ø  Only trained electrician should be allowed for the installation of motor controller.

Ø  Don’t interfere the wiring of motor during its operation.

Ø  Keep the distance between motor controller and DOL starter as minimum as possible.

Ø  Current sensor wire should not be put anywhere near to motor wire and AC wire.

Ø  Use foamed and bubbled packaging box to transport this device to avoid any physical damage.

Ø  Never use single phase designed motor controller with three phase power supply and vice-versa.

Ø  The farmer and end users should be properly trained for android application and motor controller operation.

Ø  Before making installation changes make sure the power supply incompletely disconnected/removed.

Ø  The three-phase supply should be connected in proper sequence with the motor controller i.e. R, Y, B should be connected with L1, L2, L3 insequence.

Safety measures

General safety suggestions include:

·          Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for operation.

·          Don’t remove or modify safety features.

·          Ensure that everyone working the farm is thoroughly familiar with operating procedures and safety requirements of motor controller use.

·          Never use motor having rating more than 10HP.

·          Please make sure the motor controller main switch is off before making any connection.

·          Use of minimum 11kv insulating gloves should be recommended for installation.

·          Never place any electrical measuring instrument near the motor controller.

·          Fit falling object protective structures (FOPS) for motor controller.

·          Keep a well-stocked, up-to-date first aid kit in an accessible area.

·          Place a fire extinguisher nearby motor controller to avoid any fire damage.

·          Repair and replacement of component should be done with appropriate ratings and by authorized person.

·          Always use insulated tools for installation and replacement of any parts.

·          Please avoid direct sunlight exposure to this motor controller for long duration.

·          Do not place any heat source nearby motor controller.


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