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Smart Weather Station

Agricultural Weather Stations are self-contained units that are placed at various locations throughout growing fields. These stations have a combination of sensors appropriate for the local crops and climate. Information such as air temperature, soil temperature at a various depths, rainfall, leaf wetness, chlorophyll, wind speed, dew point temperature, wind direction, relative humidity, solar radiation, and atmospheric pressure are measured and recorded at predetermined intervals. This data is compiled and sent wirelessly to a central cloud at programmed intervals. Their portability and decreasing prices make weather stations attractive for farms of all sizes.

Smart Weather Station is designed to provide a low cost, high precession solution to its users.

This weather station is easy to install and has very low maintenance cost, it has various versions and user has an option to select the one which fulfils his requirements.

User can check the current and historical weather data for his weather station on the mobile app and can also export the reports for further analysis.

Following are the key features of Automatic Weather Station:

1. Inbuilt sensors for wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Rainfall, Solar Radiation, Barometric Pressure, Soil Moisture and Leaf Wetness etc.

2. Weather shield is provided to protect the data logger/sensor electronics

3. All sensors are metrological grade sensors

4. Powered By Solar Panel 12 Volt Batteries

5. Microcontroller based system ensures very low power consumption

6. Inbuilt GSM/GPRS engine for cloud connectivity

7. Inbuilt electronics ensures data integrity

8. Can push these data to any cloud as per the customer requirements

9. Data can be viewed locally on LCD as well as via mobile application

10. IP65 metallic enclosures ensures protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material

11. Rugged tripod tower with branching for sensor assembly(6 feet)


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