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Angular is the most popular web application development framework powered by Google. Introduced in 2010 as AngularJs, It was rewritten from scratch in Typescript and released as Angular in 2016.

Angular provides tried and tested architecture and predefined building blocks for single page web application development. It is scalable and designed to build and manage complex applications.

Unlike other frameworks such as React which provide only view management and relies on third party libraries for state management, navigation, backend-integration etc, Angular provides complete tool set for developing web applications.

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Web & Mobile Development

Though Angular was introduced as a web application framework, it is now used to develop Android and IOS applications as well with the help of ionic framework i.e. If you have created a web application using Angular you can use the same code to create Android and IOS mobile apps with the help of ionic.

Scalabilityand High Performance

Angular was designed to manage the complexity of Google’s scale. Its architecture and tool set make scaling applications a breeze for application developers. Google engineers applied top notch technologies such as Ahead of Time Compilation(AOT), Lazy loading, Server side rendering etc to make it a high performance framework.

Long term support of Google

Angular is Google’s brainchild, developed by two of its most renowned Engineers. It is backed by Google’s long term support which makes it reliable for application developers. Launch of new releases of Angular every six months shows how committed the Google’s team is to the Angular.


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